My Birthday Cake

My birthday was on Friday, and since I’m the baker in the family, I decided to make myself a birthday cake.  I didn’t ask anyone what kind of cake they wanted.  I didn’t ask them how they wanted it decorated.  I just made what I wanted to make.  And here it is:

My Birthday Cake

My favorite cake is chocolate cake, and my favorite cake recipe is Beatty’s Chocolate Cake Recipe by Ina Garten on Food Network.  This cake is a chocolate cake with buttercream icing.  I’ll share the recipe later.

It’s purple because my birthday is in February and the birthstone is amethyst.  Plus, I like purple.  It’s a rose cake because rose cakes are pretty, and because they are fast and easy, but they don’t look fast and easy.  But let’s make that our little secret.  If you want to know how to make a rose cake, here’s my favorite tutorial.

I’d love to show you a slice of this cake, but I can’t.  “Why?”, you ask.  Because I have an 18 year old son.  He decided to do me a favor and carry it over to my daughter’s house.  He set it on the counter, but he didn’t really set it on the counter.  So it fell on the ground.   Thank God I took a photo before we left the house!

Those of you who decorate cakes and cookies know that this is exactly why we, and by “we” I mean cake and cookie decorators, insist on transporting our creations ourselves.  No one else will be as careful as we are because no one else knows how much work went into that edible work of art.

By the way, we were still able to eat the cake.  That cake carrier is amazing.  The lid did not come off but the whole cake fell sideways and upside down.  So we scraped it off of the lid and cut it and ate it.  It was delicious, but it was not pretty.



Anatomical Heart Cake For My Husband’s Birthday

My husband had a birthday on September 28th.  I won’t say how old he is, but he’s old.

I had his cake all planned out, but my plans changed a few days earlier when I was at Costco and I got a text from him that said, “I’m in ER with chest pains”.  Well, that’s obviously not the kind of text message you want to receive from your husband, or anyone else for that matter.  Luckily, he had some tests done and they determined that it was probably just indigestion.

So I made his birthday dinner, Baby Back Ribs, Crack Potatoes, and Baked Beans.  And I made his cake.  He requested a white almond sour cream cake with custard filling and buttercream frosting.

I’m grateful that everything turned out okay and that we can laugh about it now.  But I am not taking it for granted.  We joined a gym the following week!

Gary's Anatomical Heart Birthday Cake

Gary’s Anatomical Heart Birthday Cake

Not anatomically correct!

Not anatomically correct!