Easy Caramel Apple Decorated Cookies

I hope that title is not misleading.  There is no caramel in the recipe nor are there any apples or apple flavoring.  These are sugar cookies.  And they have to be the easiest decorated cookies I’ve made in a long time.  Plus, they’re adorable!

Decorated Caramel Apple Cookies

Decorated Caramel Apple Cookies

Just take your favorite sugar cookie recipe and add red food color or electric green food color.  I decided to split the dough in half and use both.

Insert a stick into the “apple” and bake as usual.  Let the cookies cool and it’s time to decorate.

Make some caramel colored royal icing.  Thank you to Georganne from LilaLoa.com for her expert advice.  She uses 4 parts orange, 1 part electric green, and 1 part chocolate-brown to make her caramel-colored icing.  I followed her instructions and the color was perfect.  My royal icing looked so much like caramel that I had to stop myself from sticking a spoon in the bowl for a sample.

Outline and flood the cookie with the caramel-colored royal icing.  While the icing is still wet, sprinkle on some jimmies, sanding sugar, or whatever you want to use.

You can stop there if you want and consider your cookies decorated, but since my apple cookie cutter has a leaf included in its shape, I used some green royal icing and piped on a leaf and some brown royal icing to pipe on a stem.  I also used a green food color marker to draw the veins in the leaves, and I used a brown food color marker to give the stem some “texture”.

These cookies were gone so fast that I didn’t even get a chance to take pictures of the variety of sprinkles I used.


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