Brixton With His Daddy, Austin, and His Uncle Noah

When a woman is pregnant, she gets lots of attention.  Everyone wants to know when the baby is due, how she is feeling, is she craving pickles and ice cream, and so on.  When she has the baby, the focus goes from mom to baby.  How much does he weigh?  Does he sleep a lot?  Is he eating enough, peeing enough, and pooping enough?  No one thinks about poor old Dad.  And our family is guilty of this as well.

When we brought Connor to the hospital to meet his little brother, there were pictures.  Lots and lots of pictures.  Brixton with Mom, Grandma, Papa, Connor, Aunt Hannah, Uncle Jeffrey, and every other family member in southern California.  But no pictures of Dad.

So I asked Austin for a picture of him with his brand new baby boy and he gave me this one.

Austin and Brixton

Austin and Brixton

Austin is a wonderful dad to Connor and Brixton, and a good husband to Stephanie.  He’s a pretty nice son-in-law as well.  I’m very proud to call him my son (in-law) and I’m glad he’s part of the family.

I’m sorry we left you out, Austin.  We shouldn’t have.  You’re the Daddy, and you will always be the most important man in your sons’ lives.

Uncle Noah wasn’t around that day at the hospital, nor has he been around the baby much since then.  Noah is 16 and he just got his driver’s license.  Need I say more?  So I sent him over to his sister’s house, which wasn’t too difficult since she lives on the same street as we do, and I asked him to get a picture with Brixton.  Here’s that picture:

Uncle Noah and Brixton

Uncle Noah and Brixton

Doesn’t he look thrilled to be holding a tiny baby?  No?  You don’t think so?  Neither do I.  Noah is not into babies.

But he does get a little more interested when those babies get a little older and start talking.  Soon enough Brixton will start walking and talking and Uncle Noah will teach him to say a couple of bad words and we will all laugh hysterically, until he starts preschool and we have to teach him not to use those bad words anymore.  One day we will ask Brixton who his favorite uncle is, and he will say that it’s Uncle Jeffrey one day, and Uncle Noah the next day, and Noah will smile.  And the time will come when Brixton is crying, and he needs to be consoled, and Uncle Noah will pick him up and calm him down, and Brixton will give him a hug, and Noah will melt again.  This is how it worked with Connor, and that’s how it will work with Brixton.


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