Connor Gets to Meet His Little Brother

Connor was very excited to learn that he had a new baby brother when he heard the news.  When he woke up on Saturday morning and we told him he was going to meet his little brother, Brixton, that day, he said, “Can I have my Power Rangers toy now?”  He picked out the toy two weeks ago, knowing that he wouldn’t get to open it until the baby came.  And now the time had come!

We got to the hospital and changed him into a nice collared shirt and wiped the ketchup off of his chin.   Cameras and cell phones were ready.  We were all anticipating the glorious introduction of big and little brother.  But Connor took one look at his mom in a hospital bed, with machines all around, and a tiny fragile human in her arms, and he wanted nothing to do with any of it.

Eventually, after everyone else in the family greedily clamored for a chance to hold the precious baby, we convinced Connor that it was perfectly safe to hold his tiny brother.  After much encouragement and bribery, we even got him to smile for the camera.

I’m embarrassed to say that I have no pictures of Brixton with his daddy, and my son, Noah, wasn’t there, so I have no pictures of him either.  Next post, I promise.

Stephanie, Austin, and Brixton came home on Sunday, and Connor is now back home with his 25% larger family.  I’m happy to report that he is no longer afraid of his little brother.

I haven’t started the Welcome Baby Brixton cookies or the Power Rangers cookies yet.  I’m tired.  I’m sorry Austin and Stephanie.  I know I have absolutely no right to complain about lack of sleep.  I realize you are both sleep-deprived and will be for some time.  In fact, thinking about it exhausts me.

Mama and Baby

My beautiful daughter, Stephanie, and Brixton

Aunt Hannah and Brixton

My other beautiful daughter, Hannah, and the not so happy Brixton

My husband, Gary, and Brixton

My dear husband, Gary, a.k.a. Papa, and Brixton

Uncle Jeffrey and Brixton

My handsome son, Jeffrey and Brixton


Brixton with his big brother, Connor

Brixton with his big brother, Connor


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