My Very First Blog Post!!!

Welcome to my very first blog post.

My name is Mara.  I am a wife to my dear husband, Gary, a proud mother to two grown children, Stephanie and Jeffrey, and two teenagers, Noah and Hannah, and a grandmother to my precious Connor and another sweet grandchild coming soon.  I’m a PTA mom, a band mom, a dog lover, and a tree-hugger.

I’ve always liked to bake, mostly because I’ve always liked to eat.  My cakes are yummy!  My cookies are chewy and delicious.  But I never really took the time to make them look pretty too.

Then my first grandchild was born and my daughter, Stephanie, suggested that I might want to make his first birthday cake.  Well, okay, I could do that.  But this cake was for Connor, and he is the light of my life.  Not just any cake would do for the child that made me a grandma.

So Stephanie and I took a basic cake-decorating class at Michaels.  It was fun.  I learned a lot.  I learned that Stephanie was much better at making buttercream roses than I was.  I learned that I had a lot more to learn.  And I learned that making a cake look pretty was fun!

Then I discovered Pinterest.  And in two years pinning, I now have 326 boards, 30,897 pins, and 4344 followers.  Pinterest taught me about fondant, airbrushing, stenciling, and many other cake decorating techniques.  And Pinterest taught me about cookie decorating too.

I’ve learned that I actually like decorating cookies more than anything else, although I still enjoy making cakes, cupcakes, and other baked goods when I get a chance.  But cookies are it for me.  There are so many possibilities.  So many occasions and non-occasions.  But most of all, if you mess up a cookie, you just eat it, and move on to the next cookie.  If you mess up a cake, you’re done.

Word has gotten out in my little world and suddenly, I’ve been getting lots of requests for my cookies from friends and family.  So I figured it was time to start a little home business and blog, and here I am.

This is the beginning of my journey, and I’m excited to share it with you.  Stay tuned!

Yo Gabba Gabba Cake for Connor's 1st Birthday

Yo Gabba Gabba Cake for Connor’s 1st Birthday


2 thoughts on “My Very First Blog Post!!!

  1. Hello Mara. I’m glad I found you. I know how lovely it is to receive your first ‘Like’ and first comment. But I really DO like your cake. How wonderful to have such a great excuse to make a cake! There’s nothing more rewarding than grandchildren is there? I’ve just finished a cake decorating course up at my daughter’s school. The lady was so lovely! Not everyone who’s good at a craft have the teaching skills to teach it well but she was a godsend. It’s funny you should mention Pinterest, because everytime she set us a challenge, I used something that had inspired me from Pinterest. I am also so grateful for such a useful app. Have you tried the sunflower cupcake using an Oreo biscuit? I failed miserably because my icing was too runny and because I simply did not have the skill. Great fun trying though. Welcome to Word Press – II hope you have lots of fun on here. x

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